Three things you can do right now to get your life on track

I have been hearing a lot lately about how people feel like they’re in a rut. 

Like there’s something holding them back. 

Or that they’re unsure of what path their life is taking them. 

Maybe they haven’t found what they’re passionate about. It’s tough rolling through life aimlessly. 

Hitting snooze as many times as you can in the morning, racing to the shower, quickly getting the kids ready for the day and then forgetting to make breakfast or a lunch. 

Then you work a job that you feel is just paying the bills — grab something quick to eat while on the go, rushing home to get dinner going, and then crashing on the couch at the end of the night. 

Then you do it all over again after maybe getting four or five hours of sleep per night. 

Feel familiar? 

It’s because it’s safe. It’s how we’ve trained ourselves to live in a 9-5 society. 

Work work work with no time to think about where the day, the week, the month or even the year went. 

Before we know it — poof — we’re wondering how we ended up where we are. 

Let me assure you — a lot of people suffer from self-doubt and fear.  

Once we’ve developed a pattern that is safe and familiar, it’s hard to break it. 

But here are three simple steps to get yourself in the right direction: 

Understand the world doesn’t owe you anything

Work. Damn. Hard. Put in the time and stop complaining about it. Put your head down and hustle. Realize that even though you may be frustrated with where you are, everyone in the world has their own problems they’re dealing with. Your problems may be unique to you, but problems are not unique. You will have to get out of your comfort zone for this to happen. But breaking toxic habits is step number one in achieving the greatest version of yourself. 

Count ten breaths right now

Follow the breath in its entirety. Let it calm you. Let it guide the way. Every single emotion is impermanent. This too shall pass. 

Start giving back

In any capacity. Have you learned something in your professional life? Can you provide some guidance who was in your position years ago? What wisdom can you impart on someone who is craving it? Consider volunteering. And don’t expect anything in return. 

These are very minor things that you can start right now to get yourself out of that ‘stuck’ feeling you may be in. 

But change doesn’t need to be so drastic that you fall off track because you’re so overwhelmed with all these steps you need to take. Consider one small thing first. Develop that as a habit and go from there. The culmination of small adjustments will equal amazing results. 


Overweight and unhappy, I needed a change. Fitness, Philosophy and love is all you need.

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