Justin Slimm

I am on a mission to end the stigma around 'Instagram fitness' (edited photos and how abs are the only sign of health). I focus on quick, efficient workouts that allow you to avoid spending hours in the gym and actually see progress.

Struggling and depressed, it was time to make a change. I could no longer keep up to the things I wanted to do. I was lethargic, in pain and always grumpy. Reclaiming my life allowed me to not only do the things I wanted to, but it gave me more time and energy.

When I started my family, fitness opened my eyes to the legacy I will create and the message I will leave behind.

"...He’s always there for direction and guidance through each exercise making sure the proper form is executed. By physically showing the exercises on ways to improve form and if needed giving alternatives. I’ve always been the type of person that doesn’t announce that I work out, but with the improvements I’ve been showing by going to the gym it makes me proud! And a lot of that has to do with the positive attitude and helpfulness coach Justin provides every time I see him!..."
- Shannon

"...Justin is a personable and supportive trainer with an engaging personality. He is not only an expert on form on the floor and with the machines but also displays genuine interest in our fitness progress and well-being. Justin’s memory is exceptional as he recalls our past body issues and checks in to see if the exercises we are performing are aggravating previous injuries so he can suggest modifications...."
- Stephen

How can I help yoU

I offer customized workout plans, macro planning and recipes, as well as weekly accountability for you, someone who is looking to get in the best shape of your life!

With experience training hundreds of clients and helping them get past mental and physical barriers, I can help you change your mindset and get the body you’ve always hoped for.


The 30-day plan to 'Get Slimm' and feel sexy again

Hitting snooze as many times as you can in the morning, racing to the shower, quickly getting the kids ready for the day and then forgetting to make breakfast or a lunch. Sound familiar?


The 30-day plan to 'Get Slimm' and feel sexy again


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