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I offer customized workout plans, macro planning and recipes, as well as weekly accountability for you, someone who is looking to get in the best shape of your life!

With experience training hundreds of clients and helping them get past mental and physical barriers, I can help you change your mindset and get the body you’ve always hoped for.

"...I love running and when I was running the last leg of a race this spring I could hear him in my head pushing me to go harder and to push myself to an all-out pace. I placed 1st in my age group and I thank Justin for helping to motivate me and keep me pushing myself to the bitter end!..."
- Andrea

"...His coaching is motivating and realistic. Justin is also real and down to earth. He has his own fitness goals and personal journey and is always striving to be better.

If I could give him an award for being one of the best coaches, I would. I can’t thank him enough for being someone that pushes me and motivates me to be better than I was yesterday..."
- Emily


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Start your 8-week program to unlock the key to fat loss

It’s time to start feeling sexy naked. It’s not about the number on the scale, but how you feel about yourself, how aspects of your life start to change, and how you reclaim your confidence in your body. For as little as 3 hours per week — regaining control of your health is never too late.

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Work on getting jacked without wrecking your joints

You’ve got a solid background at the gym and are ready to up your game. The next level is in sight and you’re ready to finally get jacked and unlock your potential. All while still being able to move and enjoy the things you want in life.


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All-around health for the busy achiever

Are you hoping to get strong, while avoiding injuries? This full-body plan allows you to do both, either at the gym, at home or even outdoors.

The 30-day plan to 'Get Slimm' and feel sexy again


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